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 Don't forget your resistance training. Your resistance programme may seem challenging to begin with but persevere and you will be rewarded!! Resistance training helps burn calories, strengthens and tones muscles and helps increase your bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis in later years.
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Fitness Exchange prides itself on the unparalleled service that we offer to all our members. Upon joining one of our clubs you will be given a pre screening health appraisal and an initial fitness program. After you have visited the club seven times we will offer you our comprehensive Personal Health and Fitness Check.

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People who have been training over a consistent period of time and seeing results will tell you that the affects it has had on their lives has been nothing but positive. Training should be an enjoyable experience, not because you’re going there for a social gathering, but because you are there to better yourself with every single workout you do. Once you start to see results from training, you’ll love it and become more and more motivated as time goes on.

Mental Strength and Weight Training,

Lifting weights is not all about physical strength, you need to have the mental strength to be able to carry out exercises with good form and execution to target only the muscles that you want working. Your will becomes tested again over again to the point that something that you may have found difficult a year ago now seems like a walk in the park, your mental will to remain positive even when you don’t feel like it is what training with weights will aid you with. Your knowledge about this topic should always be expanding over time, you want to always be learning things about training, nutrition, supplements and recovery as those are the things that will put you ahead of the game and give you the most optimal results, as long as they are done correctly. Joining a gym for the first time may seem like quite a daunting thing to do, you are likely to feel confused and overwhelmed with all of the different types of equipment and workouts. I would advise that you find a simple workout plan online that’s aimed at beginners as those will get you used to the exercises and the gym in general. Once you’ve done this for a little while, you may start to get a feeling for what it is that you feel to be best suited for whatever the goals are that you have in mind.

A Consistent Routine

Make sure that whatever routine you are following, whether it be a beginner’s workout plan that you’ve found or one you’ve created yourself, be consistent. Without being consistent, the results are going to be very minimal and the progress you make in the gym will be limited. Also, realise that, over time, your body becomes used to a training plan, so change it up after every month to keep things fresh. Cardio should also be implemented into your routine as it helps to keep your metabolism high and your heart healthy.

Hopefully you’ve come away from this article with something of use that will help you in your future fitness endeavours.

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