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Fitness Exchange Group - the original and still the best!

Why choose the Fitness Exchange? 

Whether you are a first time Health club user or looking to change your health & fitness club, the Fitness Exchange guarantee a very friendly, informed and un-intimidating environment to work out in. Our dedicated staff are trained to help you get the best out of the club. Your programme will be updated as often as you like in order that you can re-evaluate your fitness goals and keep motivated. There is no additional charge for this service and we cater for all levels of fitness from the complete beginner to the International sports person.

The Fitness Exchange membership options

For the individual member we offer a choice of services and facilities at very affordable rates. Our facilities are made accessible to everyone through our flexible payment option of paying by monthly direct debit.


For more information or to join

To discuss membership and tour one of our clubs, please select the required club.


The Fitness Exchange is the largest single operator of Health & Fitness clubs in the City of London. Since opening the first City health club facility in 1974 the company has always believed in and promoted the benefits of corporate health & fitness programmes; 50% of our members join through their company schemes.

There are a number of ways in which we can structure a corporate membership scheme, depending on how the company intend to finance this facility. We can offer expert advice on payment options, the mechanics of administration, and guidance on the VAT and tax implications of offering health club membership as an employee benefit.


The Fitness Exchange offers 3 main structures of running a corporate membership

Membership as a company funded employee benefit. 
Option 1. For small to medium sized companies. Under this type of scheme the company enter into a contract at a fixed rate price for the purchase of memberships to one or a selection of Fitness Exchange clubs. The company pay for the memberships at the beginning of the contract period. The cost of membership can then be recovered by the company in full or in part via monthly pay roll deductions. If the company choose to pay the VAT element of the subscription fee this can be passed on as an additional 17.5% saving to employees 

Capitation membership Option 
2. For medium to large size companies. Under this type of structure we would provide a facility, which would be extended to all the employees within the company, as a generic benefit. The fees are calculated forecasting a percentage of regular users, occasional users, and none users. Calculations would be based on a feasibility study of the specific company. The cost is payable at the beginning of the contact for the duration of the contract. The cost per member reduces significantly under this type of scheme, and the company can promote a global benefit, which is offered equally to all staff. 

Membership with partial corporate/member contribution. 
Option 3. Under this type of scheme the company can elect to pay a corporate percentage of the subscription fee by direct debit or invoice, and the member will pay their contribution direct to The Fitness Exchange. This option eliminates the need to administer payroll deductions.

Additional benefits of Corporate Membership

Free transfer of membership within the currency of the contract period.

Waiver of the joining fee within the first month of membership and each subsequent contract renewal month.

Introductory guest visits for non-member staff.

Free company specific promotional trials (from lunch hour in house to trial weeks at our clubs) tailored to suit each company requirement.

A dedicated Account Manager to co-ordinate and assist with the administration of your account.

Assistance with marketing and promotional material for in-house news channels. · 

Assistance with company health & wellness initiatives.

Support of company fundraising programmes.



For some companies it may not be possible to allocate human resources or a budget to providing an employee benefit but the ethos of the company is to promote a healthy work force and to engender employee morale. In such instances we would negotiate favourable discounts for the employees, and in return all we ask from the company is a guarantee of support in promoting such discounts. The employees would join direct with the club and be responsible for payment of their own membership fees. 

All members joining under an affinity discounted scheme would be offered the option of monthly payment by direct debit. Members would be required to validate their discount application by presenting company identification.

For more detailed information, or to request a proposal of terms or a meeting please register here

For more information, contact Kabel Cheung, in our Membership Department on 020 7638 4000 or e-mail:

Lambs Health and Fitness, 1 Lambs Passage, Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 8LE. Tel: 020 7638 4000