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personal training

All our clubs offer a high quality personal training service, helping you to achieve your dreams and goals. 

How personal training can help you:

Personal training will help you gain the maximum benefit from the time that you spend exercising. All our Personal Trainers are professionally trained to develop and supervise a training programme to meet your specific goals, whatever they may be.

The best results from Personal Training are attained through a series of sessions and there is a personal trainer suitable for you regardless of your age or ability.

The benefits of personal training are immense:

  • You will achieve faster results
  • You will feel highly motivated and inspired
  • You will be introduced to a variety of new exercises
  • You will have specific one to one training tailored to help you achieve your goals.
  • You will exercise more effectively and enjoy it.

You can achieve your goals with the help of an EXCEL PERSONAL TRAINER.

If you are interested in Personal Training then click on your club to locate a PT suitable for you.


Alex Natera
Rachel Marks

Carrie Silverwood
Ben Matthews


Faye McClelland
Lars Harms
Gabriela Medricka


Bruno Negri
Timothy Joseph
Evan Creedon
Nicci Lloyd
Wayne Goldman


Jason Francis
Sean Newton


Natalie Braithwaite
James Vickers
Neil Michael
Walter Mendoza
Sarah Hauxwell
David Lester


Jonathan Booth
Elizabeth Fagan
Dan Parker
Helmut Strebl
Alexander Meuller
David Laurent


Clayton Cowley
Jo Larkin
Jaako Fagerlund
Darren Nelson
Jon Tyler
Rob Carney

Phil Wilde


Troy Brown
Darren Donaldson
Harry O'Brien
Allan Williams
Greg Ustainowski


Terry Longmore
Clifford Parceival
Paula Caligiuri

Brett Strang
Matt Summerfield


Gary Stasek
Werner Engelbrecht
Paul Coucher
Sonia Molloy
Richard Simmons


John Evans
Brian Bell
Dhalia Miknevrciute
Paul Butler
Lincoln Blandford
Tom Pinfold



Rob Valentine